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About LIPU

  Dalian Lipp Environment Energy Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd is a joint venture between Lipp GmbH in Germany and Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. Company considers authorised technology of development and utilization of biomass energy,patented technology of tank production from Lipp GmbH in Germany as our core competitive-ness . We provide customers organic waste disposals, sewage treat-ment and gray water recycle design,including supply,installation com-missioning with technical support and after-sale service.

Company philosophy:

·Operation of the market to meet customer demand for the goal-volume customers to develop the most cost-effective system design;

·Design and Development a professional strict work style, to provide safe, reliable and stable technology products;

·Project management quality control and guarantee the progress of the principle of customers to create well-standardized systems engineering;

·After-sales service honest and trustworthy, warm and thoughtful for the idea of providing customers with high-speed and efficient high-quality services.

Lines of business:

·Urban and industrial areas to meet different emission standards for the design of integrated biological wastewater treatment systems;

·For municipal sludge, urban types of degradable organic waste (food waste, septic tanks, manure, etc.), livestock farming and processing industries, such as faecal waste treatment and biomass energy development and utilization of the system to provide a full solution Programs and specialized equipment;

·Sewage treatment and water reuse in new technology development and applications.